written by
Emma Alfie

Lesson Learned: Keep your gutters clean always!

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If you have ever experienced clogged gutter then I am telling you that you are a catastrophe survivor. It is the biggest nightmare one could see turning into reality. It is the time when your own home becomes a hellhole.

So, this winter I had an emergency consultation with a gutters cleaning service at my home in Vinings GA. The reason behind this “emergency” was because I let it become an emergency by not regularly inspecting and cleaning my house’s gutters.

One night, it snowed very heavily. We enjoyed the whole by drinking wine and listening to some great piano tracks. Not knowing that what the next Sunday morning will bring.

First, I will tell you that my home has a big open-air compound and we have to cross it in order to go out of the house. When it snows, the whole compound gets filled with it. And the next day it melts and goes down the drain.

Fortunately, the next day was sunny so we slept till late as it was Sunday too. we expected snow to melt down. As expected, the sun was shining brightly and snow was melting but the misfortune faced us when though the snow was melting but we realized that the water was not leveling down. It never happened before so this was really weird.

We waited an hour after 4 p.m. and it was getting dark. I had an appointment with my doctor and I had to immediately leave but the water was in my way. Moreover, the water started stinking a little too. I got really worried now because we expected the snow again at 8 p.m. and I also had to urgently go out. The water was so cold that no one could risk getting wet in that water by stepping into the compound full of dirty and cold water in that freezing temperature.

After a little time, it started raining and the water started coming inside our rooms. It was such a hysteric condition because the rain would soon change into snow.

We were not even sure why the water has pooled itself but of course, the chance was the clogged gutter. So, my husband searched for the best gutter cleaning service near us. Many companies were not eager to give their service as an “emergency” at that time of evening and during heavy rain. After a little negotiation, a service provider agreed to come at the time and help us out from this nightmare.

We waited for them and they arrived after an hour. Needless to say, I missed my appointment with my doctor and also his consultation fees. We were trapped inside the house. So, the rescue team aka gutter cleaning service came and they started their work. They were dressed in the proper costumes and were equipped to deal with such dirty and cold water. Fortunately, the team was really professional and they did their job very well and relieved us by draining the water.

They made us aware of their other services like K style gutters, Gutter covers, Seamless gutters and Gutters replacement which can help in such situations living in Vinings GA.

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