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Emma Alfie

Take your House Wall Painting seriously!

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House wall painting is a matter of extreme importance not in the terms of aesthetics only but it has a great effect on mental health and sleep patterns of people living in that home too.

People are psychologically very sensitive to the colors which I realized after thoughtlessly renovating my house in Lexington MA. I totally changed each and every paint color of the walls of the house according to my ‘will’. I then realized that house wall painting comprises other things in its sphere too, else than aesthetics only.

So, I renovated my house and painted the wall of my daughter’s room in her favorite color which was brown. The room was looking extremely gorgeous because she matched all the interior to that color and the dominant color in everything in her room was brown. The tinge of class and antiquity was overwhelming in her room and she loved it so much. We all were very happy because the house was looking exactly like our dream house. All the colors were of our choice.

The first night when we started using our house normally again and got back to life, my daughter knocked on the door of my room in the middle of the night. My wife opened the door and she said that she is unable to sleep in her room and she wants to sleep with us. This was really weird because it was the first time in her eighteen years of life when she complained like this. She never had any problem falling asleep. Anyways, we let her in and then slept.

This event got repeated the next night too and then she started sleeping with us and only went to her room in the daytime. We started seeing that her behavior was getting eccentric and she seldom got out of her room in the daytime and then at night she would ask to sleep with us. She was also losing her appetite and glow in her eyes was dying. We were really worried about her. Apparently, there was nothing wrong with her life. But then she also complained that she feels troubled focusing on her studies. And this was proven when the bright student like her got C in two of her subjects. The situation was really alarming now.

Seeing these behavioral patterns, my wife suggested that we should take her to the psychologist. When we consulted the psychologist, he did a little digging by talking to her.

After the session, to our shock, we found out the root cause behind this all can be the new color of her room. The brown color can induce gloominess and depression in people and also disturb their sleep cycle. After knowing this, I immediately searched for finest interior painters, house painting services, exterior painters, local painting contractors and some of the best new house painting contractors in Lexington and with the help of the psychologist’s advice, I repainted her room in the suggested color, which was blue. And the positive result was evident in only a month.

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